How to Utilize Social Media for Your E-commerce Business

Yes, there are numerous e-commerce-specific platforms that you can use to set up an online store. But social media still works great for promotion and branding.

Most businesses use social media platforms exclusively to create the brand’s name and presence. But you can do a lot more by pushing the boundaries further. It’s time to utilize your social media accounts and reap the benefits. But first, you need to know which platform works for you.

Social Media with Most Users

  1. YouTube

Boasting 2 billion daily users worldwide, YouTube offers a unique niche for your business. You can easily cultivate your followers by having interesting clips to educate them about what you do.

Most companies work with YouTube content creators to sponsor a video and offer a promotional code. This method works great when your company is new or has a specific niche that makes it difficult to put your brand name out.

  1. Instagram

Instagram used to be a platform to share pictures. However it grew into a social media platform specifically for photos and videos. With the right hashtags, you can reach the audience who have been looking for your products. The recent trend of IG reels also works great to present a longer video than TikTok, which means you can put more information about your brand.

  1. Facebook

This platform has two specific features for you promoting your business, they are Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketplace. Each feature has a different usage for your venture.

As the name implies, the Ads is their service where you can boost one or several posts to promote your business. You can choose whether you create specific ads-only posts or boost an old post that is still relevant today.

While the marketplace is similar to a regular e-commerce platform. You put up an ad of what you’re selling. Marketplace sets the ad based on your location, by default. But you can always reach out to more people by joining marketplace groups and communities.

  1. TikTok

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most downloaded and most used platforms today. The bite-sized videos with random information and fun activities. They also have an affiliate program where you can promote your business through upcoming or relevant TikTokers to reach their followers.

 Why Social Media

Among numerous methods to promote your business, using social media can have the 

  • Relatively low fee. You can promote on social media without any charges. But you also can opt for a paid ad which is still much lower than advertising in the traditional media.
  • Wider audience. For online or any services that don’t have location limitations, you sure want to get more customers, and social media is one way to reach more people to buy from you.
  • Keeping you creative. One thing that these platforms do is that there is always a new trend that you can use.

Anyhow, promoting through social media also can be risky for any e-commerce effort. There’s a chance someone may plagiarize your business and promotion methods. But you also can learn from the platform about what’s trending and keep improving.

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