Template-Directed 2D Nanopatterning of S=1/2 Molecular Spins


Molecular spins are rising platforms for quantum data processing. By chemically tuning their molecular construction, it’s attainable to arrange a sturdy setting for electron spins and drive the meeting of numerous qubits in atomically exact spin-architectures. Important challenges in direction of the combination of molecular qubits into solid-state units are i) minimizing the interplay with the supporting substrate to suppress quantum decoherence and ii) controlling the spatial distribution of the spins on the nanometer scale to tailor the coupling amongst qubits. Herein, we offer a nanofabrication technique for the conclusion of a 2D patterned array of individually addressable Vanadyl Phthalocyanine (VOPc) spin qubits. The molecular nanoarchitecture is crafted on prime of a diamagnetic monolayer of Titanyl Phthalocyanine (TiOPc) that electronically decouples the digital spin of VOPc from the underlying Ag(100) substrate. The isostructural TiOPc interlayer additionally serves as a template to control the spacing between VOPc spin qubits on a scale of some nanometers, as demonstrated utilizing scanning tunneling microscopy, X-ray round dichroism, and density purposeful principle. The long-range molecular ordering owes to a mix of cost switch from the metalic substrate and pressure within the TiOPc interlayer, which is attained with out altering the pristine VOPc spin traits. Our outcomes pave a viable route in direction of the long run integration of molecular spin qubits into solid-state units.


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