Single Bevel Vs Double Bevel – Discover The Distinction?


A bevel miter noticed is a flexible energy instrument for making crosscuts to wooden or PVC pipes with its round noticed blades. Normally, a bevel is a vertical or horizontal angle slope at an angled reduce (0° – 45° angle) that cuts the fabric to any angle apart from the proper angle (90°).

A bevel reduce is a specialised reduce the place a noticed head will get tilted to the proper or left whereas chopping the fabric (principally wooden). You’ll be able to regulate the noticed at totally different angles and reduce alongside the fabric thickness to carry out varied functions like molding, trimming woodworking, or tremendous carpentry works. There are two varieties of bevel miter saws – single and twin/double.

Each these bevel miter saws are the identical energy instruments with some similarities, but some small issues differentiate between them as nicely. Are you getting confused about which one to decide on (single Vs twin) on your residence/storage/store? Right here on this article, we’ll clarify the one and double bevel miter saws and the distinction between them, which helps you get one.

What Is a Single Bevel Miter Noticed?

A single bevel miter noticed swivels in a single course (both left or proper) to make bevel cuts simply in a single orientation/course (principally in the direction of the left). It could actually make miter cuts and bevel cuts collectively or individually. It’s a light-weight, moveable, and inexpensive choice that makes {smooth} angled cuts. In case, if you wish to make bevel cuts on each side of the fabric, then flip across the workpiece (or) flip the board to chop on the opposite aspect.

This slows down the chopping course of and would possibly enhance the possibilities of getting errors. So, it is a perfect choice for freshmen and beginner woodworkers. Although, this single bevel noticed does much like the twin bevel noticed but it takes a bit longer effort and time to have a number of cuts on each side.

Advantages And Drawbacks Of Single Bevel Miter Saws

Single bevel miter saws is a straightforward, easy, and low upkeep machine that’s preferrred for DIYers, novice craftsmen, or hobbyists. Listed below are a few of its professionals and cons.


  • Fairly a easy, straight, and easy-to-use gadget
  • Can simply reduce the fabric/piece at a 90°
  • Moveable, light-weight, versatile and inexpensive noticed
  • Efficient in making {smooth} angled cuts
  • Fits greatest for freshmen or DIYers for residence enchancment actions.


  • Wants extra effort and time for intricate initiatives or molding duties.
  • Lacks uniformity and accuracy whereas making matching bevel cuts or a number of angled cuts.
  • Will increase the chance of error as a consequence of its workpiece repositioning.

Twin Bevel Miter Noticed

The noticed blade angles of this twin/double bevel miter noticed swivel to the left and proper making it simple to chop a bevel in two orientations/instructions (0° – 48° angle) with out lifting and repositioning the workpiece. Because you don’t rotate and line up the fabric accurately, this noticed enables you to make uniform, exact, and smooth-finished cuts on each side of the fabric.

Because it means that you can full the work shortly, and effortlessly notably repetitive cuts, matching cuts, or similar bevel cuts. Thus, it gives versatile, environment friendly, and correct chopping options in comparison with the single-bevel miter noticed. Nonetheless, its added mechanical elements will make it heavier, and fewer moveable and in addition drive the value up.

Because it enhances effectivity, and workflow, this twin bevel miter noticed is a good choice for skilled woodworkers, contractors, or skilled craftspeople who use them repeatedly/commonly, but overkill for hobbyists and freshmen.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Twin Bevel Miter Noticed

It’s a versatile and environment friendly piece of woodworking equipment that provides the utmost precision, velocity, and accuracy in your work initiatives. Listed below are a number of the professionals and cons of a double bevel noticed it’s a must to test earlier than investing.


  • Improve your work efficiency or deal with extra duties simply with its dual-directional bevel cuts.
  • Supreme to make use of for crown molding initiatives or intricate initiatives or similar bevel cuts.
  • The proper choice for professionals, contractors, or skilled craftspeople.
  • Enhance the work high quality by making exact and correct matching cuts on each side of the fabric.
  • Saves loads of effort and time as you don’t must raise & rotate the workpiece round.
  • No have to rotate or re-adjust the workpiece for chopping on the other aspect.


  • Costly mannequin than a single bevel miter noticed
  • A bit extra difficult to make use of.

Single Bevel Vs Twin Bevel Miter Saws

Regardless that there are some similarities (each have round noticed blades and make bevel and miter cuts), but some variations are discovered of their chopping capability, worth, performance, sort of chopping, and ease of operation.

We’re right here to distinguish between these two varieties of bevel miter saws and make it easier to in selecting the perfect companion on your woodworking initiatives.

Why Do We Want a Twin Bevel Miter Noticed Over a Single Miter Noticed?

The primary factor that differentiates the one bevel noticed from a twin noticed is to raise and re-arrange the workpiece for its correct chopping on the reverse angle. Thus, it ends in missing effectivity and accuracy within the reduce achieved by a single bevel miter noticed over a twin bevel noticed.

Although it won’t be an issue for DIYers or these not utilizing the noticed on day by day foundation. However it may be a significant downside for knowledgeable contractor who makes use of the noticed commonly for performing several types of cuts at totally different angles.

Here’s a detailed clarification…

Normally, it takes a while to raise and reposition the workpiece/lumber for single bevel chopping, and in addition must reset the cease blocks and different safe mechanisms. The extra the time-lapse, the much less its chopping effectivity, particularly whereas making repeatable cuts opposing bevel cuts, or putting in crown molding. So, irrespective {of professional} or a DIYer, this effectivity discount will have an effect on the general work/activity.

When shifting the fabric for opposing bevel cuts, there is perhaps discrepancies within the measurements. If there isn’t a precise clamping or aligning of the workpiece to the fence, correct/exact chopping will not be achieved on a regular basis. Lastly, it impacts the general work high quality, notably for visible enchantment merchandise. Merely, the much less the accuracy in chopping, the much less the visible enchantment of the top product.

Other than them, listed here are a number of the most important variations between the single-bevel and double-bevel miter saws.

1. Velocity

The working velocity of the noticed is crucial to test earlier than making its buy. In comparison with a single bevel, the twin bevel is a bit fast and works quick. That is because of the cause that it is advisable to cease the method, flip the board, and set it correctly to chop on the other aspect whereas utilizing the one bevel miter noticed. Thus, it takes a lot time and slows down the method.

2. Ease of Use

A single bevel miter noticed comes first on this ease-of-use class. This makes it a great choice for freshmen whose who received’t have any earlier expertise. However not like twin bevel saws the place some expertise is required to function them.

3. Comfort

Coming to comfort, right here the twin bevel instrument takes the primary place as a consequence of its versatile dual-directional bevel cuts. It cuts the board in twin instructions with out flipping/repositioning the fabric, because it comes with a little bit of a studying curve, whereas the one bevel has a shorter studying curve.

4. Portability

Normally, a single-bevel miter noticed is lighter, smaller, and moveable in comparison with its double-saw counterparts. This lets you transfer the one bevel noticed from one office to a different simply and carry out varied duties. So, a single bevel noticed is right for these engaged on a number of worksites. Whereas a twin bevel miter noticed is a bit heavier to maneuver round.

5. Accuracy

A bevel miter noticed gives correct cuts, but flipping or repositioning the fabric would possibly have an effect on the accuracy degree and destroy the general consequence if the chopping is finished by a single bevel noticed. Whereas twin bevel instruments are the right alternative for these seeking to have a excessive precision degree.

6. Warming It Up

Normally, a bigger miter noticed takes a bit longer time to heat up for its correct utilization in comparison with a compact-size noticed. Regardless that the one and twin bevel miter saws can be utilized shortly and successfully as quickly as you begin the machine with none lag in its operation.

7. Kind of Customers

A single bevel miter noticed is a superb choice for these DIYers the place you received’t reduce a lot trim or much less frequent utilization. Whereas a double bevel miter noticed is a perfect choice for skilled woodworkers the place effectivity and accuracy are important for the short completion of duties.

8. Slicing Course

The chopping course of each some of these saws is totally different. A single bevel miter noticed can solely reduce in a single course (principally in the direction of the left), whereas a double bevel miter noticed can simply make cuts in each instructions.

9. Worth Distinction

The worth of a double-bevel miter noticed is a little more costly in comparison with a single-bevel miter noticed. That is because of the further components or instruments that make it swivel or tilt the noticed head each methods.

How To Select?

Based mostly on the sort and quantity of the work, it’s a must to select both a single or twin bevel miter noticed. If you’re new to woodworking (or) engaged on the occasional initiatives, then go along with a single bevel miter noticed. Whereas a twin bevel miter noticed is a perfect choice for professionals who want velocity and precision and has to work so much (like crown molding).

Right here is the distinction between a single bevel miter noticed & double bevel miter noticed defined within the tabular kind.

ParametersSingle Bevel Miter NoticedDouble Bevel Miter Noticed
Kind of CutsMiter/Bevel cutsMiter/Bevel/Angled cuts
Slicing CourseOne/single course (to left)Two totally different instructions
Velocity & Accuracy in SlicingRegularEnhanced
Have to Flip the Workpiece to ReduceSure, as a consequence of one orientationNot required
Appropriate forNewbies/NewcomersProfessionals
Ease of WorkingSimpleA bit Sophisticated


Based mostly in your work calls for (chopping, trimming, or molding), and different circumstances, it’s a must to select both a single bevel miter noticed or a twin bevel miter noticed. If it is advisable to do loads of trimming or molding shortly, precisely, and successfully, then go along with a double bevel noticed having varied options and equipment.

We hope this text will assist you a large number in choosing the proper choice on your work/initiatives. Be at liberty to share your expertise with us within the feedback part.


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